Danieli Group

Danieli Corus (Danieli Group) secures contract with Tata Steel for new hot-blast stoves

Tata Steel has recently granted a contract to Danieli Corus (Danieli Group) – a leading technology supplier for the liquid phase of integrated steelmaking – entrusting the company with the task of incorporating an additional fourth stove into the current hot-blast systems situated in Jamshedpur, India for the H and I furnaces, along with blast […]

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli

Danieli Group’s CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli discusses industry trends at “Made in Steel 2023”

During an interview with “Siderweb” at the tenth edition of the “Made in Steel 2023” conference, Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, the CEO of Danieli Group, discussed the company’s ambitious plans for the second half of the year, emphasizing a strong commitment to advancing electric steel mills, describing it as a “huge push”. This event provided a […]

Attilio Mazzilli

Safety21 acquires Gefil: Attilio Mazzilli (Orrick) among the professionals who assisted the Group

Safety21, a leading software provider specializing in smart road and smart city industry, has recently acquired Gefil, an end-to-end digital services provider for the Public Administration, focused particularly on smart city, smart mobility, and collection. The acquisition has been finalized from the Kauri Group and will allow Safety21 to consolidate its leadership in the industry […]

Lorenzo Vangelisti

Lorenzo Vangelisti shares his thoughts on Valeur Group’s subscription to the Wildlife Conservation Bond

“The decision to invest in Rhino Impact Bonds strengthens our commitment to pursuing humanitarian and animals’ welfare objectives”, said Lorenzo Vangelisti, Founder and CEO of Valeur Group, commenting on one of the latest investment operations carried out by his firm, which subscribed to the Wildlife Conservation Bond issued by the World Bank. Also known as […]

Alessandro Noceti

Alessandro Noceti: Valeur Group subscribes to the Wildlife Conservation Bond

“An important change in the financing model of conservation”: this was how Alessandro Noceti described the latest investment operation carried out by Valeur Group, an independent business specialized in asset management and trading services. As recently announced, the Group has subscribed to the Wildlife Conservation Bond issued by the World Bank – the so-called “Rhino […]

Massimo Malvestio

“Focus Risparmio” interviews Massimo Malvestio: law practice, finance and asset management

After a brilliant career working full-time as lawyer, in 2004 Massimo Malvestio established Hermes Linder Fund SICAV, a fund which managed to achieve excellent results during 18 years of activity. In an interview with Italian magazine “Focus Risparmio”, the expert recalled his professional path from the beginnings to his current roles, which includes those of […]