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Danieli Group’s InnovAction Meeting: the global steel industry in Buttrio, Udine

Friuli Venezia Giulia once again becomes the world capital of sustainable steel with the Danieli InnovAction Meeting, the event organized by Danieli Group at the company’s headquarters in Buttrio, Udine. From May 28 to 30, the meeting will host 60% of the global steel industry, with 728 entrepreneurs and experts from 75 countries across five continents. The event will feature four sessions aimed at examining topics such as macroeconomic and geopolitical trends, the raw materials and metals market, the availability of renewable energy, and the digitalization of plants, while also showcasing the most advanced technologies available today.

The Danieli InnovAction Meeting 2024 was presented in a press conference by Danieli Group’s Vice Chairwoman and Chairwoman of ABS Camilla Benedetti, CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, CEO Rolando Paolone, and ABS’s CEO Stefano Scolari. “This year’s edition is the fifth Danieli InnovAction Meeting (DIM), which we believe is a valid example of how innovation and collaboration can drive the steel industry towards a more sustainable future”, said CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli during the press conference. As Camilla Benedetti also emphasized, “the market is changing rapidly and demands innovation and resilience. Our Group, which started as a small company, now offers 25 product lines, has closed the fiscal year with over 4 billion euros in revenue, and holds an order backlog of 6 billion euros”.

The event also includes the opportunity to visit the centers where the Group operates and to explore the technologies developed over the years. These include the Mida, an exclusive Danieli technology; the QOne electric furnace; the Due, Danieli Universal Endless; and the new direct reduction plants powered by hydrogen.

During the presentation of the meeting, Danieli Group also confirmed the progress of its partnership project with Metinvest. “It’s a complex operation”, noted the CEO, “but we are moving forward to create the first plant of its kind in Europe”. He also added that, after the annulment of the bid awarded to German company Paul Wurth for the direct reduction plant to be built in Taranto, “if there is a new tender, we will be happy to participate”.

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