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Valeur Group takes over management of CLO fund

Valeur Group, the financial firm headed by CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti, has taken over the investment management of ISP-Ardesia CLO fund (now Ardesia CLO Opportunity Fund), adding it to its investment solutions offering. The firm has also announced that Ron Zeltzer, CFA has joined Valeur Group as Portfolio Manager of the Ardesia CLO Opportunity Fund.

The collaboration between the firm led by CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti and ISP started in April 2020 with Valeur Group offering structuring services for the fund within its Ardesia platform, while ISP served as investment manager. As the firm announced, the taking over of the fund’s investment management came amid “various possibilities to be explored”, with a particular focus on the distribution side and fund visibility. “The Ardesia CLO Opportunity Fund invests in different classes of collateralized loan obligations, seeking to optimize risk and return in the context of market conditions and macroeconomic risk factors”, Valeur Group explained.

The financial firm also confirmed that Ron Zeltzer, CFA has joined the Group as Portfolio Manager of the Ardesia CLO Opportunity Fund, which he has successfully managed since its launch in 2020. The firm stressed that Ron Zeltzer “has been structuring and trading financial products since 2006, and he brings an extensive experience in analyzing and trading CLOs in the secondary and primary markets, as well as in ramping multiple buy and hold CLO strategies across the capital structure for institutional clients”.

Therefore, as a result of the operation, Ardesia CLO Opportunity Fund adds to Valeur Group’s investment solutions offering. The Group has also worked with CIFC Asset Management on US loan funds since 2016, raising around $150 million and collaborating with CIFC on strategic investments in Italy and Switzerland.

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