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Pieralisi Group: charting a new course for global expansion

Aldino Zeppelli, with a rich background in leadership roles at Whirlpool, Fläkt Group, Philip Morris, and Sandvik, steps into the role of CEO at Pieralisi Group. Renowned globally for its advanced olive oil machinery, the group is a key player in providing cutting-edge solutions for centrifugal extraction and separation across various industries. Despite its expansion, the heart of the company will remain in Jesi, Italy, with a renewed focus on innovation and research investments.

Founded in 1888 in Monsano, Vallesina, by Adeodato Pieralisi, the company has thrived as a family-run business for over a century. Gennaro Pieralisi’s visionary leadership propelled it onto the global stage. Four years ago, DeA Capital acquired a significant stake in the company, initiating a long-awaited recapitalization. This move alleviated a heavy debt burden and set the stage for revitalization. Now, Zeppelli is tasked with steering this rejuvenation, focusing on geographical expansion and product diversification, while placing customers at the core of Pieralisi’s business model. Emphasizing customer service and market proximity, Zeppelli insists that Jesi remains a symbolic and strategic hub, offering unique skills and a competitive supply chain, anchoring the company’s global aspirations to its roots.

The Pieralisi family retains a significant portion of the company and continues to support its resurgence. For Zeppelli, this signifies a vital continuity between deep entrepreneurial roots and new managerial momentum. Under Gennaro Pieralisi’s leadership, the company introduced the first range of centrifugal extractors and vertical separators, revolutionizing olive oil extraction processes. Their innovations extended to municipal and industrial water recovery, sludge volume reduction, and applications in biogas and alternative biomass energy production. Notably, in 1988, Pieralisi installed the Jumbo centrifuge in Europe’s largest aqueduct, addressing complex water separation challenges. In the olive oil sector, they launched the Leopard extractor in 2012, utilizing DMF (Decanter Multifase) technology to reduce waste and add value. Their Protoreattore® machine further transformed the traditional olive paste kneading process.

In 2023, Pieralisi achieved a turnover of 100 million euros, a 5% increase from the previous year, employing over 500 people across Spain, Greece, the United States, Tunisia, Brazil, and Argentina. “Italy remains our primary market for olive oil business, where we are the undisputed leaders”, notes Zeppelli. “Spain and Brazil are rapidly expanding markets with tremendous potential in both the olive oil and industrial sectors, supported by Pieralisi’s centers of excellence for maintenance and product refurbishment. The United States and the Middle East represent our biggest growth opportunities; they are undoubtedly our future markets”.

Pieralisi’s commitment to innovation will drive its future growth strategy, alongside increasing international presence. The company has introduced several next-generation machines, including My Mill for premium olive oil production, the My Blend kneading machine series, and a new high-capacity product for industrial applications showcased at IFAT 2024 in Munich. “We aim to be recognized globally as leaders in technological and product development”, asserts Zeppelli. “To achieve this ambition, we will continue to heavily invest in R&D and product development”.

With a blend of historical roots and a forward-thinking approach, Pieralisi is poised to lead the way in technological advancements and market expansion, staying true to its legacy while embracing a dynamic future.

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