Lorenzo Vangelisti

Lorenzo Vangelisti shares his thoughts on Valeur Group’s subscription to the Wildlife Conservation Bond

“The decision to invest in Rhino Impact Bonds strengthens our commitment to pursuing humanitarian and animals’ welfare objectives”, said Lorenzo Vangelisti, Founder and CEO of Valeur Group, commenting on one of the latest investment operations carried out by his firm, which subscribed to the Wildlife Conservation Bond issued by the World Bank.
Also known as Rhino Impact Bond, the Wildlife Conservation Bond is a financial instrument conceived to support black rhinos and local communities in the Addo Elephant National Park and the Great Fish River Nature Reserve in South Africa. It is the first fixed income instrument developed for the conservation of a particular endangered species. The Rhino Impact Bond consists of a 5-year loan of 150 million dollars and follows an outcome payment model: it will pay its investors in relation the growth rates of black rhinos in the two reserves in South Africa.
With the subscription to the Wildlife Conservation Bond, the Group headed by Lorenzo Vangelisti reinforces its commitment to humanitarian and animals’ welfare objectives, which are “the core goals of our non-profit organization Valeur Foundation”, the CEO explained: “The preservation of rhinos can contribute to the defense of biodiversity and at the same time can promote employment in local communities through the creation of jobs needed to carry out this important conservation project”.
The Wildlife Conservation Bond is an important financial instrument that aims to achieve the twofold result of defending an endangered species – the population of black rhinos has drastically decreased from 65,000 in the 1970s to the current 2,600 – and protecting the entire ecosystem as well as local communities. For this reason, it uses a “pay-as-you-go” model that links the growth rates of black rhinos in South Africa to the returns paid to its investors.

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