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Danieli Corus (Danieli Group) secures contract with Tata Steel for new hot-blast stoves

Tata Steel has recently granted a contract to Danieli Corus (Danieli Group) – a leading technology supplier for the liquid phase of integrated steelmaking – entrusting the company with the task of incorporating an additional fourth stove into the current hot-blast systems situated in Jamshedpur, India for the H and I furnaces, along with blast furnace #2 in Meramandali, India. The primary aim of this venture is to enhance operational and maintenance flexibility while enabling higher blast furnace production rates.

With a volumetric capacity of 3230 m³ and an envisaged daily production design of 8,700 t of hot metal for each furnace, these blast furnaces were put into operation in 2008, 2012, and 2014. During the original construction of the existing systems, provisions were made for future expansion, and the new stoves will be seamlessly integrated into the available space directly adjoining the third stoves.

As communicated by Danieli Group in an official press statement, the upcoming stoves will incorporate the well-established Danieli Corus “mushroom” dome, with the dome refractories being independently supported by the steel shell. The design encompasses attributes that facilitate refractory expansion, a factor that has consistently been pivotal in achieving exceptionally prolonged lifespans for Danieli Corus hot-blast stoves. Additionally, the new burners are set to ensure heightened mixing efficiency and stability. With hot-blast stoves constructed approximately four to five decades ago, which remain operational across Europe, India, Brazil, and the USA, the technology chosen for this endeavor stands as a paradigm of excellence.

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